Privacy Policy

Studio Rules of Use

1. Name

This studio is called “Re-Juvenate Pilates”, hereinafter known as “this studio” or “the studio” or “we” or “our”.

2. Purpose of Use

The purpose of use of the studio is for members to improve their health and state of mind.

3. Membership System

This studio runs a membership system. Anyone wishing to join and use the studio must conclude a membership contract whereby they agree to these rules.

4. Revision of Terms

The studio may revise prices and terms at any time without permission or agreement of its members.

5. Qualification for Membership and Use of Studio

We reserve the right to deny the use of the studio to the following:

  • 1. Persons who do not agree with the purpose of use, or who refuse to follow our rules.
  • 2. Persons who are not in good health, or prohibited from exercising by a doctor.
  • 3. Persons with skin diseases, infectious diseases, mental illnesses, and other conditions which cause a perception of dangers to other users.
  • 4. Persons who are in possession of, or intoxicated with, alcohol or drugs.
  • 5. Persons who are in possession of dangerous or controlled materials.

6. Notification of Changes

  • 1. Members should promptly notify us of any change to their personal details.
  • 2. Communications will be sent according to membership information provided by you.

7. Package Refunds

Refunds for class packages will only be made in case of physical injury, illness, or pregnancy, and will be made by bank transfer. We will need to see a doctor’s note, and/or a hospital letter stating the period of stay in hospital.

8. Retirement of Exclusive (Private Class) Instructors

In the event that an instructor retires from the studio, we will provide customers of that instructor with up to 3 trial classes, at the Trial Private Class price, so that the customer may choose a new instructor. In this event, however, the studio will not provide a refund for the package.

9. Cooling Off Period

If, following a trial class, a customer purchases a class or class package for the first time, then that may be refunded if requested by the customer within 7 days of purchase. However, if the customer uses even one credit from a package, then there will be no refund made for the balance of the class package.

10. Studio Facility Reservation

The studio uses a booking system to organise the reservation of machines and instructors. Booking times and booking method will be determined separately.

11. Cancellations

Class cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the class. In case a class is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the class, it will be non-refundable.

12. Non-transferability

Memberships, classes, and class packages are all non-transferable, and also may not be lent, pledged, or used as collateral.

13. Expulsion

We reserve the right to bar entry to any person who commits any of the following acts:

  • 1. Making a false declaration to us.
  • 2. Violation of the rules, or any other terms and conditions specified by us in good faith.
  • 3. Damage to the honour or credibility of our studio, or purposeful disruption the normal order of business.
  • 4. Intentional damage to our studio and/or its facilities.
  • 5. Any act deemed to impair the dignity of other members, users, guests or staff of the studio
  • 6. Use of the studio for business activities, sales or promotion of any kind.
  • 7. Making unreasonable requests from, or causing discomfort to, our staff.
  • 8. Members excluded for the above reasons will not be able to claim damages.

14. Operational Management

This studio manages operations in the following way.

  • 1. Operation and management of this studio is the responsibility of the studio
  • 2. Members may wish to express wishes and opinions, but the studio will have the final say in how we manage operations.
  • 3. The studio has the right to make changes, without the consent of customers, to all rules around operational management, such as use of facilities.
  • 4. All members, users, and guests of the studio will follow the rules of the studio as they currently exist, at all times.

15. Prohibited Acts

  • 1. Recording video or taking photographs in the studio.
  • 2. Selling or providing goods and services, or any business activity such as personal training, and solicitation of the same.
  • 3. Solicitation of any sort, regardless of profit motive.
  • 4. Slandering of others.
  • 5. Conduct which violates public morals and manners, such as violence, threatening speech and behaviour, graffiti and vandalism of equipment or property.
  • 6. Bringing pets or any animals into the studio.
  • 7. Smoking anywhere in the building.
  • 8. Any interference in the work of the studio, its staff, and temporary employees.
  • 9. Any act which prevents others from using the studio.
  • 10. Any other act which is equivalent to any of the above items.

16. Your Liability to Us

In the event that members, uses, or guests of the studio cause damages to the studio, its staff, or to other users of the studio, we reserve the right to seek compensation for such damages

17. Change of Various Charges

The studio may change the prices of its various services. We will provide notice one month in advance via a notice on our website.

18. Studio Closure and Restriction of Use

  • In the event of the following situations, part of all of the studio may be closed or restricted.
    • 1. Enactment, amendment, or abolishment of laws, or on receipt of administrative injunction
    • 2. Natural disaster, terrestrial change, or other circumstance of force majeure.
    • 3. Marked change in social conditions.
    • 4. Inspections, improvements and facility repairs based on laws and regulations.
    • 5. Other compelling reasons deemed necessary by the studio.
  • When the studio is closed due to any of the above reasons, the studio can not be held responsible for any damages.

Revision of ByLaws

  • 1. The studio will be able to revise these rules if it deems necessary.
  • 2. Such revised rules will take effect from the time they are announced on our website, and shall apply to all members, users, and guests thereafter.

20. Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

  • Members, users and guests must promise that they do not, and will not in future, belong to any of the following.
    • 1. Criminal organisation.
    • 2. Any organisation which was designated criminal organisation within the last 5 years.
    • 3. Sub-member of a criminal organisation.
    • 4. Officers, staff, or shareholders of companies which are owned by criminal organisations or any of the above.
    • 5. Any other organisation related to any of the above.
  • Members, users, and guests must guarantee that they have no relationship, whether direct or indirect, with any of the above groups.

Terms of Studio Use

Please use this studio after consenting to these and any other established rules. Thank you for your co-operation.

About Studio Use

You agree to take classes at your own risk. If you are sick, or have experienced major illness or injury in the past, please consult with a doctor before using the studio. Neither the studio nor the instructor, nor any of its staff can be held responsible in the event of an accident due to illness or carelessness.

About Admission of Minors

The studio requires the consent of the parent or legal guardian in order to allow minors to use the studio.