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Taeko Farthing


I discovered Pilates 15 years ago. I was suffering from sciatica, brought on by long hours of standing work and desk work, and my friend recommended I try Pilates. At first, I found it difficult to incorporate pilates into my daily routine. But after the birth of my second child, the pain became unbearable. I was struggling to look after my babies, and I realised that my body was not only for myself any more. My responsibility to my children meant that I simply had to look after my body.

After 3 months of either personal training or pilates classes on an almost daily basis, I felt stronger and healthier. After 6 months, people around me started noticing the change in my physique. A few years later, with exercise firmly established in my daily routine, the births of my third and fourth children were relatively easy, and the recoveries were easier and quicker.

Once pilates became a part of my daily life, I always felt driven to help other people with physical problems find their way to a solution through pilates. So I began studying to be a pilates instructor, and these days I am lucky enough to do what I love doing, every day. I am forever grateful to all at Options Pilates in Singapore, particularly Sharon Brendia and Koko-sensei, who gave me this opportunity.

My qualifications are from Pilates Academy International (NYC), which is under the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) umbrella.

All Populations Mat Ⅰ
All Populations Mat Ⅱ (Progressions/Challenge)
All Populations Reformer Ⅰ
All Populations Reformer Ⅱ (Progressions/Challenge)
All Populations Cadillac Ⅰ
All Populations Chair Ⅰ
All Populations Barrel Ⅰ

Additional Courses
Gold Pilates (Senior)
Prenatal, Postnatal



I am from Yamagata prefecture.  After university, and a first job in a sales role in the television industry, I was introduced to pilates techniques while teaching aerobics at a gym in Tokyo.  I realised then that pilates was a wonderful method to improve performance and prevent injuries. After that I decided to become a pilates trainer.

At the same time as teaching pilates, through my experience as an amateur model appearing in “Health & Beauty” magazine, I maintain a strong interest in diet and eating habits, as well as re-generative medicine and beauty.  My belief is that pilates can enable us to maintain a beautiful posture, good shape, and elegance until we are 100 years old and more.  Together we can create a health-conscious lifestyle for you. Let’s do it !

Teaching experience: 10 years
Favourite thing to do: Hunting for the best gluten free cakes and sweets from all around Tokyo



I discovered Pilates while studying in New York, and recognised that it was the perfect exercise for me, given my personal goal of a shapely, strong and flexible physique.

After learning pilates for a while, I started to think more deeply about my own body, and soon realised that pilates enabled me to build strength in my inner muscles, helped me maintain good posture, and improved my lifestyle considerably. I was inspired to try to understand more about pilates, and I realised that it would make me happy to be able to pass this secret on to others So I decided to become a certified pilates instructor.

Every single pilates exercise has prescribed adjustments, which means they are all suitable for any level of ability or physique. I would invite anyone and everyone to come train with me, and learn from me. It will be my pleasure to help you achieve your physical goals, whether that means to improve posture, to reduce pain, or simply to create a more beautiful body.

PIA All Populations Mat I
PIA All Populations Mat II
PIA All Populations Reformer I
GYROTONIC® Level 1 certified trainer
GYROTONIC® Level 2 Program 2 certified trainer
GYROTONIC®︎ Jumping-Stretching Board certified trainer
GYROKINESIS® Level 1 certified trainer
Middle and High School Type 1 Teaching License (Physical Education)



Coming from France, I started my career in a very different world from Pilates: I worked for 7 years in Marketing & Sales. However, sport has always been part of my life; I practiced ballet, fitness, Zumba, and climbing. Until a snowboarding accident left me with a compressed vertebra and chronic back pain...

I had to look for a safe, though effective, exercising method. That's how I discovered STOTT Pilates. After a few months, I was back in shape, 6 months later I had sculpted my body, and my back pain was gone! I completely fell in love with the method. I decided to take the certification to transmit all the benefits of Pilates.

STOTT Pilates method specificity: a strong anatomical approach. It focuses on posture and a deep understanding of the body and adjustments for each body type. Anyone can tap into their full potential with this method!

Besides Pilates, I dedicate most of my time to learning as much as possible about well-being approaches, including meditation, reiki, acupuncture, neurosciences, and positive psychology. I’ll infuse a touch of it into the classes!

I can teach in English, Spanish, French.

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” - Joseph Pilates


Originaire de France, j’ai débuté ma carrière dans un univers bien différent du Pilates : j’ai travaillé 7 ans en entreprise en Marketing & Sales. Le sport a pour autant toujours fait partie de mon équilibre personnel; j’ai pratiqué la danse classique, puis le fitness, la Zumba, et l’escalade. Jusqu’à ce qu’un accident de snowboard me laisse avec un vertèbre tassée et un mal de dos chronique...

J'ai alors cherché une pratique physique efficace, mais sans risque de blessure. C’est ainsi que j’ai découvert STOTT Pilates. Après quelques mois j’avais retrouvé la forme, 6 mois plus tard j’avais une silhouette sculptée, et mon mal de dos avait disparu ! Complètement séduite par cette méthode, j’ai décidé de passer la certification et transmettre, à mon tour, tous les bienfaits du Pilates.

La méthode STOTT Pilates : une solide connaissance de l’anatomie.
Axée sur la posture, une compréhension approfondie du corps et des ajustements pour chaque type de corps. Tout le monde peut se sentir performant !

En dehors du Pilates, je consacre la majeure partie de mon temps à : étudier les divers approches du bien-être, notamment la méditation, le reiki, l'acupuncture, les neurosciences et la psychologie positive.

Je donne des cours en Anglais, Français et Espagnol.

"Chaque moment de notre vie peut être le début de grandes choses" - Joseph Pilates



While working on rehabilitating hospital patients, I have realised the importance of looking after my health. I have treated too many good people who have worked hard for years, only to face the pain and stress of a broken body at the end of their lives. These are sad stories, and I see them every day.
In my early thirties, I also had abdominal surgery for a hernia, which further focused my mind on discovering the best way to look after myself. Around that time, I discovered pilates. During my first few classes, I developed a very positive attitude, because I knew that I was making time to take care of my own body. Pilates can be done at one’s own level, and is never a competitive activity, so it is accessible to both young and old, and both able-bodied people and those with disabilities. Literally anyone can do pilates, and feel the positive changes in their body.
As a pilates instructor and physiotherapist, I believe that with health, beauty, and medical care should be considered together. Through this approach, I intend to create synergies which bring my clients maximum positive impact. Thank you for your consideration.

・2011.4~2019.9 Physiotherapist in hospital wards for acute and convalescing patients.
・2019.10~2020.4 Pilates instructor at studio in Thailand.
・2020.5~2020.9 Physiotherapist in day care centre.
・2020.10~present Physiotherapist at clinic in Tokyo.

・Physiotherapist Licence
・PHI Pilates MAT I&II
・PHI Pilates PROPS



In my early 20’s, I started to suffer from chronic lower back, neck, and shoulder pain, and reduced stamina. In an effort to improve my physical fitness, I started weight training, cardio, yoga, and stretching with YouTube videos, which all helped, but ultimately didn't solve my issue. Then I met Pilates.
At that time, my belief in fitness was “More is better!", so Pilates was culture shock for me! All the movements were simple without too heavy weights, so I was like, “Is this really going to change my body?”
However, after practicing Pilates 5 times a week for 3 months, my back, shoulder and neck pains were mostly gone, and I felt surprisingly energized even after walking all day long. I also felt my concentration was much better, perhaps because Pilates demands a consciousness of your own body movements. These days I feel as fit as I have ever been, both physically and mentally, because I have learned through Pilates how to use my body properly, and those habits have become second nature to me.
I have a natural desire to explain to everyone who is suffering from such health issues, "We all can make our body better just by doing adequate exercises!" And that is precisely the reason I decided to become an instructor. Let's enjoy our lives to the fullest, with healthy and energized bodies, because we live only once!

・BASI Pilates Comprehensive

Playing with my cat, being out in the natural environment, art, beauty, Netflix, walking, goooood food, wine.