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About Pilates

  • Pilates is a low impact method of body conditioning that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, who named his method “Contrology”, to emphasise that the optimal route to an improved physical condition was through training the mind to achieve a greater degree of control over the body.
  • Pilates viewed the spine as the fulcrum of all movement, and realised that the modern lifestyle was having a negative impact due to under-utilisation of the core muscles.
  • Pilates therefore designed his exercises to require high levels of self-control and mental focus, instructing students to perform precise movements of individual muscles, while consciously maintaining core stability and alignment, and breathing rhythm.
  • Pilates famously said: “A man is as young as his spinal column”. Neutral spine alignment is essential, and Pilates develops the deep muscles of the back and abdomen to support your spine in order to promote better posture. “If your spine is stiff at 30 you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.”
  • Along with exercises to strengthen the core, Pilates teaches a focus on breath control. His method teaches various breathing techniques to enhance relaxation, lower blood pressure, and activate specific muscles that help improve posture.
  • Pilates exercises are adjustable to the student’s skill level, body-type, and current condition, giving pilates a wide range of difficulty, meaning it is as accessible to beginners as it is useful to elite athletes. Today Pilates is practiced by millions of people all over the world, particularly in the US and Europe.
  • In Pilates, what counts is not so much what you do, but rather how you do it. You are better off doing an exercise correctly 5 times than wrongly 20 times. Pilates isn’t aerobics: it demands intense concentration and focus on posture, core muscles and breathing. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, where precision is everything.”
Josephe Pilates quote (1941): In 10 sessions, you'll feel different.  In 20 sessions, you'll look different.  And in 30 sessions, you'll have a new body.
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About Re-Juvenate

Re-Juvenate reception desk, studio assistant, and studio owner.
  • Bilingual Pilates studio, offering tuition in both Japanese and English.
  • Located in Minami-Aoyama, only 4 minutes walk from Omotesando station.
  • We welcome all levels, from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Group classes in both mat and reformer pilates, and private tuition.
  • No membership fees, providing you with flexibility to come and go when you choose.
  • We are a relaxed studio but we take our pilates seriously.
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Customer Review

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About Taeko FarthingOwner/Instructor

Taeko Farthing

Thank you for visiting Re-Juvenate Pilates website. My background is in neither sports nor dance: in fact, in early adulthood, my lifestyle was not much involved in fitness. For many years I combined desk and standing work, disregarding my physical condition. Eventually I began to suffer from sciatica, and in response I tried to treat the symptom rather than the cause.

After my second child, I determined to reduce my body weight by starting an exercise routine. I tried weights, kick-boxing, HIIT, and eventually stumbled on Pilates. Over the next few years, I found I had much greater energy, and my sciatica was requiring less and less treatment. Through my own struggles, I had fortuned upon Pilates, and it changed my life so much, I decided to make it my vocation.

Luckily my own Pilates studio in Singapore had an excellent instructor eduction program, so I dedicated myself to that and began teaching. After my family and I returned to Tokyo, I soon realised that it was time to make my dream come true, by opening my own studio.

When I returned to Japan, it quickly became apparent to me that Tokyo is considerably behind other global cities in terms of both the availability of machine pilates group training, and the level of understanding of what Pilates really is. I want more people in Tokyo to understand the magical secrets of Pilates, and to make high quality training available to them. (Everyone thinks Pilates is all about mat, but don’t realise about reformer)

Having spent more than a decade as a Japanese national living in an English speaking country, I also understand the frustration of life in a place with a different culture and language. Fortunately, I am a bilingual instructor, and I offer both Japanese and English language classes. As a result, Re-Juvenate Pilates is a place where expats and locals alike can experience the same joy I felt as I started out learning Pilates, and fixed my body.

My Philosophy

Left and right, up and down, front and back. Individual muscles need to be exercised in three dimensions, while maintaining correct total body alignment, to train the body for strength, flexibility, and balance.

I promise anyone, from any lifestyle or background, together we can improve your physical health, so that you may be comfortable, energetic, healthy, with a peaceful mind.

In the Japanese language we utilise idiomatic combinations of 4 kanji (Chinese characters) called yojijukugo. My motto is one of these, with an extra fifth character for good luck:

心 = shin = mind
体 = tai = body
健 = ken = health
穏 = on = peace

美 = bi = beauty

I hope that my studio and my teaching can become the trigger for you, to take the first steps on your journey towards your dream of a healthy body and mind. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

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About Our Studio

  • Re-Juvenate is equipped with 6 reformers, a cadillac, tower, chairs and barrels, plus various other peripheral equipment.
  • The studio is split into the group area with the 6 reformers; and the individual area with the other equipment.
  • The studio is light and airy, and we keep windows open and aircon/ventilation systems running whenever necessary.
  • The group area is around 40 sq m, with a maximum of 6 students, so provides plentiful spacing.
  • We have 2 changing rooms, but do not provide showers.
  • We provide a water dispenser, but we ask that you bring a bottle as we don’t provide cups.
  • The studio is on the 2nd floor, and the building does not have an elevator, so access is up one flight of stairs.
Group reformer class: shoulder exercise