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Re-Juvenate is a classical pilates studio, offering group and private lessons. We welcome everyone from beginners to elite dancers and athletes, and we focus on machine pilates (although we do offer mat too) using only Merrithew machines. We have 6 reformers for group classes, and for personal lessons we use the cadillac, tower reformer, ladder barrel, and chairs. Our studio is bilingual (JP/EN), meaning that instructors, studio assistants, and website are all bilingual. While we take our pilates seriously, the studio has a relaxed atmosphere, where Japanese and foreigners can take classes together, and make friends easily.

Our founder and head instructor, Taeko, believes that pilates should be a personal service, and even in group classes, will ensure that exercises are adjusted to the individual. Taeko teaches pilates in the American tradition, pushing clients hard during class, so be prepared to feel it afterwards! She also believes that exercise routines should be fun, and regularly varied, and employs many different props to mix up her routines. Taeko takes a holistic view of physical wellness, and believes that pilates generates best results when practised regularly in conjunction with improvements in diet and general lifestyle.

Re-Juvenate offers trial classes for first-time customers. Thereafter we understand you value flexibility, so we offer packages of 5, 10, or 20 classes, which may be used at any time over 6 months. We don’t charge any joining or membership fees.


Pilates trains us to use the mind to control the body


The body is a holistic system in which all movement flows through the spine and core


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness


Peace of mind flows naturally from a clearer understanding of the physical body


Pilates builds an elegant posture, a tight core, and lean limbs

Our mission is to give you a healthy, well aligned body,
with which you may enjoy the lifestyle you want, at any age.

There are many different reasons why our customers learn pilates.

Some are looking to conquer specific health issues, such as back pain. Others wish to improve their performance in sports or on the stage. Still others simply want a more elegant posture or an improved figure.

We are all different, and we all have hopes and dreams. Share your dreams with us, and we'll give you a program to achieve your goals.

Our mission is to help you build a healthy, flexible and toned body so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want.


Gym workouts treat muscles as individual entities, but the body is a holistic system, in which the spine is a fulcrum.

Force on one side of the body flows through the core, distorting the spine, so if the core is not engaged, the spine twists more than it should. Weak and under-used muscles in the core and around the spine therefore lead to pain and discomfort in the long term.

Pilates teaches awareness of the spine and core, allowing students to rebuild strength and flexibility around the spine. With more control and a stronger core, the body works better as a unit.

Let’s learn together and build a better body!

About Us
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About Taeko FarthingOwner/Instructor

Taeko Farthing

Thank you for visiting Re-Juvenate Pilates website. My background is in neither sports nor dance: in fact, in early adulthood, my lifestyle was not much involved in fitness. For many years I combined desk and standing work, disregarding my physical condition. Eventually I began to suffer from sciatica, and in response I tried to treat the symptom rather than the cause.

After my second child, I determined to reduce my body weight by starting an exercise routine. I tried weights, kick-boxing, HIIT, and eventually stumbled on Pilates. Over the next few years, I found I had much greater energy, and my sciatica was requiring less and less treatment. Through my own struggles, I had fortuned upon Pilates, and it changed my life so much, I decided to make it my vocation.

Luckily my own Pilates studio in Singapore had an excellent instructor eduction program, so I dedicated myself to that and began teaching. After my family and I returned to Tokyo, I soon realised that it was time to make my dream come true, by opening my own studio.

When I returned to Japan, it quickly became apparent to me that Tokyo is considerably behind other global cities in terms of both the availability of machine pilates group training, and the level of understanding of what Pilates really is. I want more people in Tokyo to understand the magical secrets of Pilates, and to make high quality training available to them. (Everyone thinks Pilates is all about mat, but don’t realise about reformer)

Having spent more than a decade as a Japanese national living in an English speaking country, I also understand the frustration of life in a place with a different culture and language. Fortunately, I am a bilingual instructor, and I offer both Japanese and English language classes. As a result, Re-Juvenate Pilates is a place where expats and locals alike can experience the same joy I felt as I started out learning Pilates, and fixed my body.

My Philosophy

Left and right, up and down, front and back. Individual muscles need to be exercised in three dimensions, while maintaining correct total body alignment, to train the body for strength, flexibility, and balance.

I promise anyone, from any lifestyle or background, together we can improve your physical health, so that you may be comfortable, energetic, healthy, with a peaceful mind.

In the Japanese language we utilise idiomatic combinations of 4 kanji (Chinese characters) called yojijukugo. My motto is one of these, with an extra fifth character for good luck:

心 = shin = mind
体 = tai = body
健 = ken = health
穏 = on = peace

美 = bi = beauty

I hope that my studio and my teaching can become the trigger for you, to take the first steps on your journey towards your dream of a healthy body and mind. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

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Private Classes

Private Classes

Learn to use the full range of specialist equipment, such as cadillac, tower, chair, and barrels, as well as mat and reformer. Share with us your current physical state, and your target. Your instructor will tailor the program according to your specific requirements.

Group lesson

Group lesson

Choose from classes specialising in mat or reformer Pilates. We keep group size relatively small, enabling instructors to closely monitor all students.

Specialist Classes

Specialist Classes

Classes designed for specific groups of people, such as pre-natal, post-natal, and senior citizens.



We provide flexibility by offering class packages which can be used any time within 6 months, and charge no entry or membership fees.


We provide a fixed schedule of group classes, mainly in the mornings and early evenings. Individual classes may be booked at any time the instructor is free.

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My journey to Pilates
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Malu & Pinky

Malu & Pinky

Meet Malu & Pinky, our studio Mascot!
Job description: Cuddles , tummy rubs
Working day: Irregular

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