NOTICE – Price Changes for Taeko’s Classes

Since opening, we have been blessed with many wonderful customers, and our studio has grown busy.  In particular, it has become difficult to make a booking for Taeko’s classes, which causes some inconvenience to some customers.  Consequently, we have decided to make a change to our pricing for Taeko’s private and duet classes.  Existing prices for Taeko’s classes will be available until midnight on 3rd September.  We will close the system for all bookings on 4th and 5th of September, and the system will re-open with new prices from 6th September.  Prices for group classes (including Taeko’s), and for private and duet classes with our other instructors, will not change.  

Please note that, under the new pricing system, there will be changes to class names and also to package names.  If you wish to take tuition with Taeko, you will need to choose a ticket package with the higher price.  Packages will be named clearly.  Regular packages which are sold at the unadjusted price will enable you to book private or duet classes of all other instructors except Taeko.  New pricing for Taeko’s classes will be as follows.

Taeko Private Class Prices
Single pvt ticket ¥ 16,500 →¥25,000
Taeko 05 pack ¥ 60,500 →¥90,000(18,000×5)
Taeko 10 pack ¥110,000→¥160,000(16,000×10)
Taeko 20 pack ¥198,000→¥280,000(14,000×20)
Taeko 40 pack ¥520,000(13,000×40)

Taeko Duet Class Prices
Single duet ticket ¥ 23,100 →¥35,000
Taeko 05 duet pack ¥ 84,700 →¥125,000(25,000×5)
Taeko 10 duet pack ¥154,000→¥225,000(22,500×10)
Taeko 20 duet pack ¥277,200→¥400,000(20,000×20)
Taeko 40 duet pack ¥720,000(18,000×40)

Please also note that if you purchase a package at the old price, your package will be valid for booking any instructor until the expiry of the package, six months after purchase date.  So you can buy at the old price right until 3rd September, and use that package for 6 months.  Only packages bought after this date will be subject to the new pricing.

  • Private trials (one person) cost 5500, and duet trials (for two people) cost 7700. Trial prices are the same for all instructors.
  • For subsequent classes, we operate a package system. You may purchase single tickets if you wish, but we offer discounted pricing for packages of 5, 10, 20, or 40 tickets.
  • Group tickets and packages are the same price for all instructors.
  • Private and duet classes have two tiers of pricing. If you wish to take private or duet classes with our studio owner, Taeko, please purchase ‘Premium’ tickets or packages.
  • Regular tickets and packages for private or duet classes will allow you to book all instructors except for Taeko.
  • For a detailed price list please click here.
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