Re-Juvenate has introduced a new class called Cardio-lates.  This article explains how cardio-lates differs from classical pilates, who it is for, how it is taught, and the additional benefits it provides.  

What is Cardio-lates?

Cardio-lates integrates the focus on postural alignment of classical Pilates with the cardiovascular and physiological benefits of aerobic exercise.  It raises the heart rate to a higher level than in regular pilates classes, so that the body starts to burn calories and fat more efficiently.  At the same time, it challenges you to maintain concentration and correct posture during periods of higher exertion.  

Why Should I Do Cardio-lates?

Classical pilates focuses on alignment, muscle tone, posture, and flexibility, but it tends only to raise the heart rate for short periods.  In order to burn excess fat, one needs to complement a regular pilates program with more cardio-focussed drills, to keep the heart-rate elevated for a more extended period of time.  Once you get tired, it is natural to lose concentration and forget about posture and alignment. Cardio-lates challenges you to maintain that posture during periods of intense exercise; this acts a great step-up challenge for more experienced pilates practitioners.  And above all, variety is important in any exercise routine.

Who is Cardio-lates For?

Cardio-lates should be treated as complementary exercise for those taking regular pilates classes who wish to add variation, improve stamina, or drop a few kilos.  Cardio-lates classes proceed at a higher pace than other pilates classes, so we recommend these classes for customer who have done at least 10 regular classes, and are comfortable with the basics of pilates.  Cardio-lates classes involve more movement of the joints, and are designed to test dynamic stability in the core region, so we don’t recommend them for anyone suffering from pain or discomfort in any area of the body.  Cardio-lates is not for ladies who are pregnant or have given birth within the last 6 months.  

How is a Cardio-lates Class?

Cardio-lates will combine reformer, mat, and HIIT-type exercises.  The class will start out – in much the same way as a classical pilates class – with 5 minutes of warm-up and articulation.  After that, however, we will alternate between bursts of high-intensity training and intermittent periods of regular pilates, during which you will have a chance to catch your breath and reduce heart rate.  Each burst of intensity might only last 1 minute, but that may feel like longer at the time!

What Benefits Can I Expect from Cardio-lates?

Cardio-lates will increase your cardiovascular fitness, fortifying your immune system, strengthening your heart, and improving your general level of endurance and stamina.  The reformer exercises using the tramp rebounder (see video) also target the stabiliser muscles of the lumbar spine (multifidus, transverse abdominals, pelvic floor) which will translate into increased balance and agility, and reduce the likelihood of lumbar tightness and pain.  

How Can I Book a Cardio-lates Class?

If you haven’t been to Re-Juvenate before, please book a trial class first.  Once you have done your trial, you can book Cardio-lates online, either as a single class, or by using one of our discounted group packages. 

If you have any questions, email to info@rejuvenatepilates.com.  

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